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Selected photos from different classes throughout the PEP program.
PEP Recruits from a Pool of 10,000+ Inmates Across TexasThose Accepted are Transfered to one of 2 prisons where PEP operatesPEP's in-prison leaders, Gami Jasso and Patrick McGee, at the Estes Unit near Dallas, TXParticipants first complete Leadership Academy, a 3-Month Character Development ClassOne of the keys to our success is the brotherhood we build inside prison"Servant Leaders," past graduates who volunteer to teach the classes that come behind themParticipants complete 1,000+ hours of college-level work while in prisonExecutive Volunteers Welcome New Participants into BPC at KickoffPEP Kick-Off for the Business Plan Competition (BPC)Volunteers as Role Models (Many Participants Never Knew their Father)PEP Love Tunnel: Participants welcome new volunteers to prison!PEP Love Tunnel: Executive volunteers welcomed to prison in PEP style.Executive Volunteers Welcomed to PEP!Executive Mugshots: "Caught Being Good"Pray InStep to the LineWelcome to PEPWelcome to PEPBert Smith, CEO of PEPExecutive Mentoring