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130.Stormy Levi Hornbuckle
It is great to be able to see my husband through these photos since I can't visit him yet. Thank you!!!
129.Margaret Decker(non-registered)
This was an amazing experience to see the achievements that this young men have accomplished. We are so very proud of our nephew, Anthony Rose for accepting this offer to join this awesome PEP program. I can see the light at the end of the tunnel and looking forward to all the great things you've learned while there at the Cleveland Unit. I'm so grateful for all the volunteers & entrepreneurs that give their precious time & effort to guide all you men to bright futures. May God Bless you all & your families for all the support.
128.Karen Redmond Nall(non-registered)
God blessed my son with PEP and I want to say a huge THANK YOU to PEP for being there for my son Jason Nall who was released in April 2016 and has done so good. He went to work right away due to PEP pointing him in the direction of felon friendly employers. He has had 3 different jobs in his short time out but each new job has been a step up from the last.
He has had to go through the process of paying off surcharges, this fee, that fee, getting tickets dismissed for time served, written test, driving test and proud to say he received his driver's license back today. He paid cash for a vehicle and is on his way to even more great things.
He has a bright outlook on life and believes each day life will get even better as long as he continues to live by what he has learned from the program and what he knows in his heart, and mind to be right.
I worried to death what would become of my son after being released because it was his third time in prison and I was familiar with the nowhere path he went on each time he was released.
But then PEP happened. Of course I still worried at first but now I have seen this program in action through my son and can honestly say because of PEP I sleep better at night knowing my son is home in bed (at the Houston PEP house) and not out running the streets.
PEP has truly been, and continues to be a Godsend and I am forever grateful. I can't wait to see what the future holds for my Jason. I love you Bubba more than life itself. Mom 11/17/16
127.Kristi Griffith(non-registered)
Charles Griffith I am so proud of you. You realized your greatest fear yet somehow found the strength to begin taking the necessary steps in order to accomplish your dreams. I suppose my question of where is the rehabilitation in the system is spelled PEP. I believe the fundamental instruments you have learned in this program and the experiences along the way were the few missing links to your success. You now have the tools and the insight to reach for the stars and truly SHINE like the man God intended you to be. Gotta go make something happen actually turned into you and PEP made something happen. A brand new better than ever YOU. Your daddy is proud, your mama is smiling and I believe you found your happy. CONGRATULATIONS!!!
126.Connie Smith(non-registered)
The end and beginning...of greater things to come for you..God is taking to you to the Top..DeCortlon Smith... #baylorgraduate2016#
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